Kemomimi Harlem Haunted ~ Shon ~ Relaxing in the countryside Mofumofu Animal ears girls and child-making[ADV][Japanese]

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Company: Norn / Miel / Cybele
Year: 22/11/2020
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: All,Visual Novel / ADV,
Size: 639mb
Plataform: Windows

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The hero who broke his dream and returned from the city to the countryside. While rejoicing to reunite with four childhood friends, it was discovered that their identity was a beast youkai helped by him !? When he was young, he turned into a childhood friend to comfort him who was alone in the countryside. Takemomi girls struggle to comfort and help him who has broken his dreams and live with him !? An ideal to enjoy Mofumi and Puri Puri body while flirting with Kemomimi girls in a liberating country life Slow life begins now!■ Harlem activity surrounded by four Kemomimi girls ♪ A fox sister full of motherhood, an innocent dog girl, a tuned cat girl, a cool mysterious girl Tanuki while enjoying a four-party four-like charm and Mofumi Minna us hard at your service child making imminent you in love ♪ matter of taste appeal fully open!■ flirting fully open Harlem ♪ Kemomimi girl from the original was the love of you in the countryside living with us, is sticking Icha tired matter of taste from the love fully open! in four people from the beginning, you can enjoy the ideal of the harem of active of been Huaihua! it is recommended to earnestly those who want to immerse yourself in the girl and sugary time ♪■ peaceful A series of intense courtship love flirting children in the countryside! Chest sucking sweet first H, temptation first H at the riding position, sweet flirting first H at the riverside, estrus dog first H, after school 3P in sailor clothes! Harlem H, W begging H in a shrine maiden costume, W Paizuri in a maid costume, slimy Harlem soap H !, child-making H in a yukata, sweet Icha Harlem H! Do not hesitate and roll up here and there ♪ Please enjoy Icharab H in a warm and peaceful atmosphere!■ Enjoy erotic cute costumes ♪ Kemomi Mina girls also change into various cosplays ♪ Love etch with you in many costumes from royal roads such as shrine maidens and sailor suits to naughty things ♪ Enliven the flirty harem slow life ♪■ Moe Even though it 's flirty, it's erotic! A lot of voices ♪ "Chu, I'll continue to do a lot of cosplay ... I want a lot of babies." "Come on, my husband ... Hyama, my husband's chin milk, my sweet-hearted cosplay , make me a mama!" Full of erotic voices! The total number of voices exceeds 3000 voices !! There are no hidden characters or beep sounds in the main story.