Imouto Pet ~Premo~ [Japanese]

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Company: Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
Year: 2008-12-30
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: Visual Novel / ADV
Genre: Loli, Incest, All Loli Heroines, School-Girl
Size: 1709.MB
Plataform: Windows
Mega Mediafire


Your father left his family when you were young, just after your three younger sisters were born. Able to take care of yourself your mother left you alone while she cared for your younger sisters. Now your mother has died leaving your estranged father the only person who can take care of your sisters but he’s overwhelmed with work so he asks you to take care of them instead.

The park, the playground, the elementary school. You search for places around town where you can ‘play’ with your sisters who love you so much. Because what better way to reconnect with your loving little sister than through sex!

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