I’ll Put You in Debt [RPG][English]

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Company: Tistraya
Year: 2017/06/03
Language: English
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: RPG
Size: 403.MB
Plataform: Windows
Password: www.onlyhgames.com
Mega Mediafire

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Luciera, a busty and glamorous blonde.
half a year ago they were such a loving couple, but—
Luciera shows her true colors…
her fiance burns with the flames of revenge and vows to push her into an abyss of corruption…
— Luciera’s downfall…
Luciera continuously falls into the structured traps…
losing her virginity, which she planned to keep till marriage…
captured, raped, losing all of her fortune.
deceived then seeing hope, and then deceived over and over
again by her fiance, she falls to the bottom.​

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