Ikuiku ☆ Succubus Re-education ~ Incubus Incubus Study Abroad Diary ~[ADV][Japanese]

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Company: ORCSOFT
Year: 23/04/2021
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: All,Visual Novel / ADV,
Size: 1071mb
Plataform: Windows

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Tokushima Tanehisa, who teaches at a private school ── You have a very weak self-control, and at best you say honestly, at worst, without thinking. Besides, he is a middle-aged man with an unequaled cock who seems to have sexual desire walking in clothes. If a female teacher wears a tight skirt, she will look like she is licking her thighs, and if a female student is wearing bloomers, she will enthusiastically stare at her ass. Naturally, you were in danger of being dismissed due to suspicion of sexual harassment of a female student.The condition for you to stay in the teaching profession was to become an academic advisor for exchange students from "Succubus Country". Although the general public does not know, the succubus country is a succubus-only nation that exists in a different world called the "dream world." In fact, the Japanese government has signed a secret trade agreement with Succubus to provide men's semen energy instead of boosting the libido of young people as a measure against the declining birthrate. Studying abroad as an exchange student is part of a goodwill project with the country of Succubus, and as an academic advisor, you, who are beastly sexually active, have been struck by a white arrow.The content of the instruction to the exchange students was to provide the succubus female students with knowledge about the material world (the world we live in), but there was a hidden speculation in the instruction. According to Lima, the supervisor of the exchange study abroad business dispatched from Succubus, the true purpose of study abroad is even once in a dream, despite the ability to visit the material world. It was to re-educate the "Failed Succubus" who did not have sexual intercourse with men and to teach them the joy of sex.An unequaled metamorphosis beast male teacher who has an extraordinary sexual desire among adult men in the material world and erects a cock that does not wither day and night Open the curtain now !!