Hitozuma Kyoushi wa Moto Mahou Shoujo [Japanese]

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人妻教師は元魔法少女 ~教え子の僕がオトナの女を寝取り堕とす~

Full Tittle:Hitozuma Kyoushi wa Moto Mahou Shoujo ~Oshiego no Boku ga Otona no Onna o Netori Otosu~
Company:Mahoutsukai Soft
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Genre:Netori, Shota, Teacher, Big Tits, Mature, Magical Girl, Cosplay
Mega Mediafire
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Who knew? Wife, mother and schoolteacher Nanako Hikawa used to be a crime-fighting magical girl!
Back in her youth she cast spells and saved worlds as Sapphire of bishoujo team “Justice Pirates”.
15 years after they destroyed the stronghold of an evil organization, the Mad Professor’s grandchild Tsutomu discovers that his teacher was a member of this group. Using the devices that he founds on his grandpa warehouse, he plans to make Nanako his sex slave.

Nanako (a.k.a. Sapphire) unknowingly ingests a hardcore aphrodisiac, gets bawdy with a Tsutomu in her marital bed, f*cks her student in class, gets pregnant…
Husband be damned! Find Nanako on campus and see how much she enjoys breaking the sacred vows of marriage and teaching.

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