CU Nitronil[ADV][Japanese]

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Company: Chestnut pick
Year: 18/04/2021
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: All,Visual Novel / ADV,
Size: 778mb
Plataform: Windows

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[Story outline]Madroquias, a remote city.Their "alien species" suddenly landed in this local city, Madroquias. The government of the time attempted peaceful contact with them as intelligent lifeforms, but that did not come true. Because they did not accept any negotiations or peaceful contact.Soon after, a contact battle with their "alien species" begins.A lot of blood flowed from each other, and at the same time, a strange living body released by "alien species" ... A monster later named "Nonasomy species" began to appear in the remote city Madroquias.When the battle was over and the wounds and sorrows of the people began to heal, their appearance reappeared in the sky like a souvenir. People living in the city were afraid of the "sole" floating in the sky, without having a substance or launching an attack.At the same time, the outbreak of a mysterious strange disease is confirmed in the city.For this reason, the government cut off the transportation network between this remote city and the mainland, restricted the traffic and logistics of people, isolated the city, and created a closed isolated space. And the name was named "Madroquias Special Closed Area = Commonly known as Madro Special Zone".The mysterious bizarre disease was literally a large souvenir left by the "alien species".Its name is "Biflo disease". A strange disease that affects and infects only human females .... It was a rare illness that eventually turned into a strange monster and was completely cured with an unwanted pregnancy ...[Game overview]Near-future SF RPG.Set in the "Madroquias Special Closed Area" on Dejima, which is isolated from the mainland , control the hero who is a resident special soldier to advance the story, move the world map and head to the mission site.A vicious enemy, the Nonasomy species, awaits you on your mission. Keep your belongings, strengthen your weapons and get ready to face them.A lot of desires and nightmares approaching the lover Nitroline and the people around the hero. It's up to you to shake off the threat and save the heroines.[Caution]・ CG, scenarios, production, etc. are subject to change. ・ The contents of the trial version cannot be carried over to the main story. ・ Because it is made by an individual, unexpected bugs may occur. ・ This work is produced using "RPG Maker VX ACE".Please enjoy after acknowledging the above.