A closed space of despair[ADV][Japanese]

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Company: Hentai daughter
Year: 22/11/2020
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: All,Visual Novel / ADV,
Size: 105mb
Plataform: Windows

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"And the girl despairs" Anew school year, a new friend. The main character of this tragedy, Kaede Tsujimoto, came to visit the house of his new friend, Riho Tsuzuki. A bouncy conversation. Fun time. However, a sudden urge to defecate attacks Kaede. It is clearly "diarrhea". At her friend's house for the first time, she can't choose to unleash the cause and decides to go home. Without knowing that the elevator I got in was the entrance to despair ...This work is an ADV novel with a simple branch. Whether to tell a friend about the crisis in a trapped elevator? How to finally resolve it? You choose the despair she falls into.Patience part Standing picture Approximately 50 difference END animation Basic 3 pieces 20 to 30 difference each (line etc. changesdepending on the route) Main character Kaede Tsujimoto CV @ Aya Kuchiya Character design / drawing @ Nezumeter (Hentai Musume) Original draft / script・ Voice / Script @ Vinegar Misoya* This work is a [windows-only app]. Please be careful when purchasing. * Please note that this work has a depiction of excretion (feces / scat). * Be sure to check the operation with the trial version before purchasing. * The author does not take any responsibility even if any damage is caused by this application. Please use at your own risk.[Production environment] Use Tyrannobuilder V1.80b on windows7, windows10 [Operation check] Start onwindows7, windows10 , operation check Resolution: 640x960