Magician of the Olecta Desert [RPG][English]

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Company:barony sengia
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*** Disclaimer ***
This is a work of fiction.
It is unrelated to any actual individuals, organizations, incidents etc.

Depictions of criminal actions, extreme scenes, grotesque scenes, etc
are included in this work but we have no intention to accept or support such acts at all.
Our circle does not tolerate criminal acts. Please do not imitate the actions.

Our circle will not take any responsibility for the impact this game may have on you.

*** Story ***
A thief girl Aisha has received a quest from the adventurers guild.
That is, to find the great magician Lowen who lives in the Olecta Desert
and give him a letter. In order to get to him, Aisha must make her way
through the Lecta Ruins, a place that is said to be full of sand bandits…

*** Overview ***
A short exploration style RPG where the weak protagonist must achieve her goal with a limited number of items. Make your way through the Ruins to the final destination!

Use stealth, honey traps, assassination to get by bandits.
Careful not to be caught though… as only one fate awaits.

There are no ‘pure love’ events in this game.

R18 dungeon exploration RPG

1 play-through approximately 1-3 hours long.

~24 CG + variations

No erotic+gurotesque scenes probably?
No in battle undressing probably?
Consensual sex? Huh? What’s that?

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):