Jhana, The Elf of Darkness ~Beloved Sister Taken~ Ver.1.0 [RPG][Japanese]

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漆黒のエルフ ヤナ ~奪われし最愛の妹~

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The hero’s party brought down the demon lord and the world has enjoyed peace.
Whilst the demonic realm has become lawless due to the absence of the ruler.

Humans march around the demonic realm triumphantly and outpowering other races and
exploit resources which are almost drying up, pushing helpless races to the edge of extinction.

Away from cities, there is a Dark Elves’ village deep in a forest.
A Dark Elf named Jhana and her only blood kin, her younger sister Nina, live here in modesty.

Humans’ shadow continues looming large and draws near to Jhana……

* System
– Battle
Enemy symbols walk around fields. You can attack them by A, S and other keys.
Jhana’s HP decreases when she gets attacked or touches an enemy and
her clothes will be ripped off upon a certain damage.
When she runs out of HP, a defeat H scene will be played.

– Gaol Area
Jhana will be sent to Gaol Area when defeated. In Gaol Area, she cannot attack so she has to dodge through enemies’ sights to an exit.
When she is found by an enemy, it is still possible to reattempt escape
if she isn’t caught for a certain period of time, but if captured……?

– H Scene
There are four types of H scenes each triggered when:
– Events happen during the story
– defeated in battles on the field
– defeated in boss battles and
– failing in escape from Gaol Area.

* Situations
– Irrumatio
– Cowgirl sex
– Titjob
– Tentacles
– Gangbang
– Violation