Hypno Mama [ADV][English]

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常識改変! 爆乳母性友ママと子作りホームステイ! ~どんなエロ酷い事も受け入れてくれる僕専用の子作りオナホママ~

Keep your bully's mom on speed dial. Mind-control that MILF into becoming your perfect lover!

Full Description

What are the top things eroge protagonists do when they happen upon a hypnosis app? #1 Get Laid. #2 Get Revenge. We’re going for an Ero Games Done Quick record by hypnotizing your bully’s mom into becoming your personal loving, devoted mommy onahole!

Fuck Aika while you convince your former bully to watch! Fuck her behind her husbands back, all while Aika falls deeper under your spell and more in love with your cock!

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Deyan Sudjic
Deyan Sudjic
12 November, 2022 4:30 pm

https://heyohcaty.pl/invite/i=25953 LOVE IS SHARED BETTER ;)

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