Honoo no Haramase Oppai ★ Ero Appli Gakuen [Japanese]

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Japanese | 2452MB | 2016-11-25

“Protagonist: Majime Masato, is an ordinary pervy 2nd Year High School student at Ichisakura Academy (he is famous among the girls… not for good reasons, he has been nicknamed Pervert Hajime by them)”.

“One day, he is bestowed with a “Smartphone of Ero-love”. From being a mere Pervy student, he changed jobs and leveled up to transform into the strongest student!”

“Ichisakura Academy is ranked within one of Top Three Academies in the whole nation to be well served with breasts; there’s no shortage of erotic women to choose from!”

– “Get to the Girl’s locker-room in just 3 seconds by pressing a button! [Anywhere Girl’s Locker-room Door] App!”
– “Get a girl to stroke your penis in a very erotic way [Dick stroke stroke] App!”
– “Absolute molester success rate of 100% [Molest this] App!”

“To the nice childhood friend, use the Shameless App in order to deepen her skin ship with Majime! Go nag the strict Public Morals Committee President by starting the Sex Education App!”

“Many pervy situations come into play with the Ero-apps!”

“So, Majime Masato…”

“Will you be able to conquer and impregnate all girls with your Ero-apps?”

主人公・馬締聖人(まじめ まさと)は、一桜学園に通うごく普通のエロい2年生。
(女子からはハレンチで変態な馬締くん ということで有名。)

ある日、助けた黒猫のシャミーから “エロ愛のスマホ” を授かったことにより、

彼は 一介のエロ学生 から 最強に変態な学生 にジョブチェンジ&レベルアップするのだった!

一桜学園は、おっぱい偏差値 全国トップ3に入るだけあって女の子はより取り見取り!

ボタンを押したら3秒で女風呂! “どこでも女湯ドア”アプリ!

女の子をチンポカーソルでなでるとエロくなる “チンポなでなで”アプリ!
痴漢成功率100%の “痴漢これ”アプリ!




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  1. Kuro No Kenshi

    Hey, how to fix this problem? (No scrrenshot sorry). Seem like “[ Japanese words ] 1280×720 [Japanese Words]” . My Notebook resolution is 1024×600 . help please :'(

  2. Icarus

    hey can anyone help?
    I’ve done everything, from daemon tools enabled installing to changing the unicode, the game shows some error whenever I clicked the executive file. like the error posted by Nguyen Gia Hoang and sometimes something else.

    1. rrose

      I was having this same problem but I fixed it!

      First and foremost, make sure your japanese app locale is all working. For windows 10, you can do it in the options (requires restart).

      Now, make sure to mount the MDS file using daemon tools! This is critical because I mounted one of the other files and it didnt work on my first attempt.

      Now run the setup (I ran it as administrator just in case) and DO NOT change the default directory.

      The game should work now :)


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