HimeYoku: A Sacrifice of Lust and Grace [ADV][English]

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Seeking vengeance, a young man named Caldo single-handedly storms the Kingdom of Solide, whose ruling dynasty has long prospered from the horrors of war. Consumed by hatred, he forges a series of “unholy pacts” with unseen forces to ensure victory, but on seizing the castle, he seems uninterested in Solide’s people and politics, instead turning his demonic arts to the lovely Princess Fiana…

Full Description

Hell-bent on vengeance, Caldo single-handedly storms the royal castle at Solide, a kingdom flourishing in the aftermath of a bitter regional war. To ensure victory, he enters strange pacts with hidden demons, but after toppling the throne, Caldo is indifferent to the nation’s people and politics, instead directing his dark arts upon the ruling family in a twisted desire for ultimate revenge.​

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