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Japanese | 208mb | 2021/10/16

Heelfall is a hardcore femdom no-reverse SRPG for submissive players. It features 13 bosses and a robust screenplay of over 100 H-scenes (over 60,000 words in English).

A huge variety of BDSM play is included, with a focus on foot/smell fetish.

– Foot/Ass Worship, Smell Fetish, Verbal abuse, Spanking, Pet / Puppy Play, Chastity, Baby play, Toilet, Hypnosis, Mind Break, Tribute, and more.

– Please note there is no intercourse (normal sex) or reverse (male dominant) content! Discover scenes through classic SRPG gameplay with some special twists!

– Enemy temptation moves, unique lewd items, and hidden interactions – Scenes are not only in Game Over, but integrated through the entire game

– Unique scenario maps which exceed the usual conventions of SRPG

– Includes Memory Room (with hints) to enjoy collecting every scene

Heelfallは、従順なプレーヤーのためのハードコアフェムドムノーリバースSRPGです。 13のボスと、100を超えるHシーン(英語で60,000を超える単語)の強力な脚本が特徴です。







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