Haramase Oyako S ~Onna Kyoushi to Classmate no Botehara Life [Japanese]

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Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Boinesoft presents an incredible new erotic ninpu love ADV game in collaboration with the creators of “Dual Phase – Impregnated Mother and Daughter”!
Homeroom teacher Shoko is a MILF whose daughter Yukari is class president! The two beauties get gut-bulging pregnant and have sex like there’s no tomorrow.
Insane, delusional XXX situations! Pregnant teacher and wedding sex / New wife pregnant sex & milking splurge! / Class president squirts while f*cking
doggy style! / Double wedding ecchi shotgun brides!

Protagonist Eiji was struggling through his math exam.
He filled in the blanks without a clue.
After a while, Ms. Shoko came into the room.
She was gorgeous, early 30s, a young mother, and Eiji’s fantasy girlfriend.
Unhappy just wanking to her in his mind, he dreamed of ways to do more.

Maybe it was luck or fate, but that day as when everything changed…

[From DLsite English]

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john ngo
john ngo
3 四月, 2017 10:30 下午

I will say this played the entire game and well half I liked it and half I hate it. 1. there is not a lot of Cg in this game you have to play it to get what am saying. 2. there are choices that don’t really matter what so ever by that I mean a single choice will appear and you just have to click it. I have to say it is a waste of time I have to admit the plot idea is really good but how they executed this game is really bad and how they decided to go with it.

Sam Gounden
Sam Gounden
8 三月, 2017 9:37 下午

Stuck after starting new game, a screen with the title of the game and repeating music

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