Hanasaki Work Spring! [Japanese]

Password: www.onlyhgames.com


Company: Saga Planets
Year: 2015/03/27
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: Visual Novel / ADV
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School-Girl, Maid, Glasses
Size: 2881.mb
Plataform: Windows
Mega Mediafire
Crack included.


In the midst of spring, the season of first encounters and love, Yuuma was content to waste his time away. However, these dog days began to change with his chance meeting with the mysterious Inori, the Yuki-onna of Suzugaoka Gakuen. Soon after, he was invited by Ayano to the ‘ghost club’, which is actually not related to the occult, but rather a gathering place for people with regrets. He was made the new leader of the club despite his reluctance.

Before long, he was surrounded by peculiar girls left and right: cool lone wolf Inori, carefree repeater Ayano, smitten kouhai Hikari, and pushy ‘bro’ Wakaba. Who will he end up in this irreplaceable youth story?

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16 Julho, 2016 9:30

when I got to day 15/5/ I couldn’t play anymore it just goes back to the menu and keeps repeating itself….

16 Julho, 2016 8:36
6 Julho, 2016 1:39

I have already all the game
can you up only the crack in a diferent part?
this error not happen with crack?
or i need to download the game again?

Reply to  Onlyhgames
6 Julho, 2016 1:57

Well i one can download one
the two i need to wait 6 hours……….( wtf mega..)
and the first still the error… well i will download all the game again.

Reply to  Lucio
6 Julho, 2016 3:38

6 hours ? wtf

Reply to  Onlyhgames
6 Julho, 2016 3:56

mega its falling since i know
i can’t even download without an account, and my account free only can download an 1 arquive less than 200mb, i will not pay for this, and for it i use mediafire in all games here.

Reply to  Onlyhgames
6 Julho, 2016 1:51

Thanks man

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