Gladiators of Elmia -Boy Swordsman VS Fighting Maidens- [RPG][English]

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Company:Kamikura Style Association
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Being defeated by a female character results in reverse violation!
An HRPG full of femdom situations with a male protagonist.

Some girls challenge you in a fair and square way, whereas
other girls try to seduce you to make an off-guard moment…
With an emphasis on “senses of humiliation”, we prepared many types
of girls including bewitching ladies, younger girls etc. as your rivals.
Please enjoy each different sense of humiliation when defeated.

The story is like the protagonist tries to take revenge but
there are no sadist-oriented H scenes.

* Stats
33 event CG (of which 29 are erotic) + several cut-ins for battle
* 6 event CG are included in the trial version.

H Scene Count:
32 events with exclusive CG
26 events without exclusive CG
58 scenes total
Plus there are many characters with in-battle erotic attacks.

* Story
The protagonist who is a fledging swordsman lives in a certain village making a living by patrolling.
One day, he is visited by a girl named Sherry who travels around the world
for the purpose of becoming a swordswoman. When he is asked by Sherry to have
a practice match, he underestimates her strength partly because she is a girl.

Once the tips of their swords are pointed to each other, he soon realizes that he was wrong.
He succumbs to her art of sword and swallows his pride to admit his defeat.

He burns in the flame of fighting spirit. When he is informed that Sherry will participate
in the kingdom’s tournament, he makes up his mind to take a revenge…

* Announcement
– Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:
– Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
– Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
– The save data cannot be transferred from the trial version to the retail version.

Scenario: Hisamikou
Character Design/CG: Nafutan

Creator’s Ci-en account: