Futa in the Police Academy – New Version 0.2[RPG][English]

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Futa in the Police Academy – New Version 0.2

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Sasha’s whole life was turned upside down when her biological mother decided to give up newborn Sasha because she wasn’t exactly the usual child. Nature endowed her with a big cock in addition to her lady parts. She overcame all the difficulties she faced at the orphanage. She didn’t become bitter but grew up a good girl
Later the destiny gave her a reward: nice couple, that have lost their child very recently, adopted her. They knew exactly all about her peculiarity. They were bringing her up as their own daughter till the day when her stepfather, a policeman, died when he was trying to prevent a store robbery. The police department has just forgotten him and left his family alone in the grief. This is despite the fact that her father have been serving in the police force for 30 years.
After that, Sasha’s decided, at all costs, to apply to the Police Academy, which has a programme to give the best graduate the right to be a police chief at any station in the country. This is her chance to pay respects to the man who was kind to her for years and show who she grew up to be.

Changelog 0.2
Some sections of the text at the start and in the middle of the game were adjusted (more suitable expressions were added)
Instructor Victoria was redrawn, her style is more feminine now.
Special pictures were added to the menu that vary with the clothes on Sasha.
All files of the game (except saves) are now in a single file.
The folder with the game has changelog where you can read about all changes that have occurred since the release of the new version.
Warning! Old saves don’t work (if you don’t want to start from the beginning, the version has saves before going to the city.)
We’ve understood and fixed our mistakes, so your old saves will work in the future versions.
The second city block came alive.
Ordinary people have now their dialogues, some of them may need your help.
4 H-Scenes are available to play.
One of them is an optional quest, try not to miss it while playing.
Sasha’s morality level will drop significantly when making a special choice.

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