Forever To You! [ADV][English]

Forever To You!

English | 119mb | 2022-03-27

Early in the morning you (the player) go out of the entrance of your house, full of thoughts about the future future,
when you suddenly notice a strange crying man on the far bench of the yard!
However, as soon as you come to the bench, you do not find anyone,
and in the place of that person there is a deck of cards.
Having picked them up, a strange girl, dressed in a harlequin fancy dress, appears.
She tells you that these cards are magical and will allow you to get any girl you can play with and defeat her.
What will happen to you next?
Who will you play with?
With your sultry classics teacher in your college?
Or maybe with your childhood friend, who is already not indifferent to you?
Or maybe with a beautiful Frenchwoman, part-time the young owner of the cafe in which you work part-time?
Or with the owner of these magic cards?
It’s up to you to choose!​

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