Enkou Shoujo 2 ~JK Idol Marin no Baai~ [ADV][Japanese]

Password: www.onlyhgames.com


Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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10 四月, 2022 4:21 下午

Managed to get the game running after messing around for a bit.

For those having trouble, you may try the following:
1. Read the ISO file (with DAEMON tools or something similar) and run the installation. Near the end of the installation, when asked to create a desktop shortcut, select no.
2. Extract the contents of the ‘AlphaROM Cracker x2’ RAR file (this should come together with your ISO file) into your game installation directory.
3. Extract the contents of the crack RAR file (downloaded separately) and replace the ‘SinglusEngine’ file in your game installation directory.
4. In your game installation directory, launch the ‘AlphaROM Cracker Build20121001’ exe file. Click on the first button (you will see 3). It will prompt to select a file, so select your ‘SinglusEngine’ exe file in your game directory. This should create a BAK file in your game folder.
5. Drag and drop your ‘SinglusEngine’ exe file (the pure exe file, not the BAK file created in step 4) onto the ‘AlphaROMdiE’ exe (refer to the Usage.jpg picture in your game folder for more information).
6. If the game tries to run and exits by itself in step 5, try launching ‘SinglusEngine’ exe by simply double clicking on it. If it asks for a disc, exit the program, mount the ISO file again, then try launching the exe again. The game should run fine at this point.

Hidetoshi Nguyễn
Hidetoshi Nguyễn
7 十二月, 2017 2:22 下午

i cannot access link crack

Reply to  Hidetoshi Nguyễn
8 十二月, 2017 7:45 下午

Ừ..I mean yeah me too, can’t extract the crack file

Shining One
Shining One
2 十二月, 2017 6:21 下午

This game is only japan error, help plis :c

Wachid Effendi
Wachid Effendi
Reply to  Shining One
5 十二月, 2017 4:45 下午

copy crack to game folder
overwrite siglus engine

EL Lobo
EL Lobo
25 十一月, 2017 7:20 下午

Hola podrias subir el Erogame Baku Ane 2 y el 1 ?

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