Dungeon capture with loved ones is dangerous! [RPG][English]

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English MTL | 166mb | 22/04/2022

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It is a top-down 3D action RPG that aims to capture the dungeon with the main character who is a swordfighter,
the heroine of a wizard, and Archer


A “dungeon” is suddenly found in the kingdom. Deep within its labyrinth are dazzling gold and silver treasures. ……
A young man from the countryside and his childhood friend come to King’s Landing to challenge such a dungeon.
With the same vigor, the two challenge the labyrinth together, but without success, they are beaten back.
Realizing the need for companionship, the two men join a guild to recruit new members, but they find that the guild is not enough to provide them with the skills they need.
They are turned down at every turn due to low wages and lack of experience.
However, an archer man, perhaps unable to see the protagonists, calls out to them.
Apparently a veteran adventurer, he is willing to join us for a low wage.
The three of them celebrate the formation of the party at a bar.
Perhaps tired from the party, the protagonist gets drunk first.
The heroine and the man take the hero to the inn.
After putting her to bed, the man tells the heroine the “true condition” for joining the party.
It was to allow the man to have the heroine’s body at his disposal.
At first she resists, but thinking of the heroine who has come to Tokyo with a dream in her heart, she decides to join the party.
Finally, he agrees on the condition that it be done only once.
The heroine is embraced in the man’s room at the inn next door. ……

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