Clean-up sister v1.04 [ADV][Japanese]


清処理シスター (RJ372865)

Japanese | 61mb | 05/05/2022

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Tragedy is always sudden.
A milk carton gets knocked over and the room is soaked with milk instead of flooded.
Wiping it off with a rag clears up the milk for the time being, but now something must be done about the rag.
But this time, something must be done about the rag.
With my grip strength, which is at the bottom of the …… human race, squeezing the rag is impossible.
But fortunately, my sister is so strong that she can wring out a zokin with her feet.
If this is the case, we have no choice but to ask her to clean the milk rag, or in short, clean the milk rag for us. ……!

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