Ceres and the Contract Guild [RPG][English]

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セレスと契約ギルド (RJ300627)

The prodigious sorcerer Ceres arrives in the city of Neydalir, the city of the Contract Guild, to get her hands on a beloved item known as the Plasis Gem. However, after meeting a strange man by the name of Necro, she is tricked into working for the guild in order to collect "gratitude" from the city's citizens. This ranges from helping defeat monsters to working as a waitress to doing more... sexual requests for people. Play as Ceres as she attempts to escape from Neydalir and the guild's grasp on her!

Full Description

The mage Ceres visits a town ruled by a contract guild, and gets suckered into signing on.
Now she has to do whatever it takes to fulfill her end of the bargain and collect “thanks” from
the citizens! No matter how pervy or embarrassing…

– Hypnosis
– Defeat rape
– Action-packed battles
– CG gallery
– Includes happy and bad (corruption) endings

Lots of different situations…!
– Working at a bar wearing a lewd outfit (and not realizing it)
– An erotic body check at an inn
– Seeing people have sex in a public bath
– Defeat and rape by goblins
– Defeat and rape by slimes
– Tricked by an item seller into wearing a see-through outfit
– Being bodyjacked and made to take lewd photos
– Getting drugged and photographed while sleeping
– Cleaning a public bath house in a swimsuit
– Made to strip at the bar
– Motorboating a prostitute
– Stripping for no reason after drinking a weird potion
– Defeat and rape by a cyclops
– Sitting in a tickle torture chair
– Titjobs and bukkake while sleeping
– Ingesting and aphrodisiac and being made to masturbate in front of a crowd
– Titjobs for guys who can’t find a hooker to do it
– Blowjobs and of course, cum swallowing
– And much, much more (including corruption)

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