Carried by a big girl! [ADV][Japanese]


大きい女の子に運ばれる! (RJ389725)

Japanese | 407mb | 07/05/2022

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The main character, Ichika, Shinome, and Rena
accidentally get trapped in a different world that imitates a school (and the main character is minimized and naked for some reason).
(And the protagonist is somehow minimized & completely naked.)

The protagonist is a small boy with a small stride and can’t run. Ichika, unable to bear to see the protagonist freezing in the cold, “had no choice” but to take him in her arms.
Ichika, “out of necessity,” offers to explore the world while carrying the protagonist in her arms. ……

There are some horror scenes in the beginning of the story, but the story as a whole has strong comedic elements.
The story as a whole has strong comedic elements.

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