Bottom Janitor Revenge Brainwashing-Namaiki Daughter Hypnosis-[ADV][Japanese]


Company: Pinpoint / Kingpin / Pinpoint Quick
Year: 20/11/2020
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: No
Animation: No
Type: Hentai Game,Visual Novel / ADV,
Size: 545mb
Plataform: Windows
Download: MegaWorkupload

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Story Aprestigious school with history and tradition --- Private Aomisaka Gakuen. Only those who pay a large amount of tuition can enroll, and the students who attend are raised in a wealthy family.The main character, Masao Nemoto, has been restructuring the company he was working for, and has been hiring him for about five years as a janitor at the school.In his middle-aged forties, he looks fat and bald. Furthermore, because he was a high school graduate and had a job as a janitor, he was seen by elite students with contempt and ridicule.In particular, there are two female students who hit him hard. One person, proud of the best grades in school, observe the school of public morals as public morals chairman very strong woman student of fastidiousness and ethics are, Asuka Sakura (Sakura Asuka)Another person, behavior is bad, but the house Reina Todo, a bad schoolgirlwho is rich and pays a large amount of donations, is not punished. They look down on the main character, and every time they try to take him down and taste the miserable feelings .One day, as usual, Asuka, the chairman of the Kitsui discipline , accused her of being sexually harassed by looking at a girl student, and she happened to look inside Asuka's skirt and made her sit down on the ground. Be done. Rena suddenly got kicked from behind and was ridiculed with her friends when she rolled, and she was ridiculed, and a video of drinking juice being hung from her head was taken and uploaded to SNS.The hero who wants to take revenge ... I want to give them mortal shame ... I want to grow more than ever.The hero who tries to masturbate by delusion of revenge while looking at the adult site of the smartphone. I found an advertisement on the adult site saying " Who wants to control a girl as he or she wants!", And I usually don't care, but the main character of the day was getting more revenge , so that advertisement banner I click.The moment you click ... The "hypnosis app" is automatically installed on your smartphone .And from that day ... The revenge of the janitor using the hypnosis app begins ...!■ Play content・ A middle-aged man is thought to be humiliated by being kissed by a schoolgirl, and he makes a deep deep kiss as harassment. ・ It is implied that breast milk comes out ・ The hero's saliva and semen are misunderstood as delicious above all ・ The disciplinary committee is planted with the common sense that he apologized for being a janitor's sexual treatment toilet ・ The more lewd and horny Believed to be a good morals committee ・ Make a cheeky gal sit down and trample his head. ・ Anal firm sex with Dirty Little Maid Kos and make it cum continuously. ・ The disciplinary committee was hypnotized that he had to use the men's toilet, and he urinates in the urinal in front of the boys. ・ Seriously, in front of the elite Asuka's parents, play a role as a meat urinal discipline committee member Show off. ・ Crab crotch and hip swing dance while becoming a spectacle of teachers. ・ A red and white flag is inserted into the anal and the hips are shaken to raise the flag.Etc.■ What game? ■walks the bottom life middle-aged janitor is, puppet hypnosis apps at will is a game to avenge the Mesugaki who was completely licked the adults!Also first kiss, also for the first time of sex, to hate a hero Hypnosis will change the common sense as if it were dedicated .Being violated by the contemptuous hero, he is convinced that it is natural to do not only ordinary sex but also vulgar metamorphosis play, and will be executed. The protagonist, who was oppressed by them , hits them with the sexual desire that has accumulated in the pool in order to relieve their anger .Eventually, hypnosis also erodes their daily lives, turning their disgust towards the protagonist into favors and begging them to commit themselves.An adult man who makes a fool of himself, looks down, ridicules, and sometimes even violence ... A masochist pig slave who freely commits, revenge, and does anything for the main character using a hypnosis app. It is a game that falls into.■ What kind of hypnosis does the janitor put on? ■We will change the common sense of the female kid who looked down on us, hypnotize for convenience, give in to ourselves both physically and mentally, and train to be enslaved. ..It makes me think that it is natural for me to be treated as a sexual treatment toilet to protect the school's morals, and the morals committee makes me think that it is common sense to use the men's toilet, and I make them stand in the men's toilet or in front of my parents at home visits Make them think that it is natural to have sex and commit in front of their parents, amplify the feeling of guilt and put on a lascivious maid clothes to apologize for the dogeza, put pants on the head and put on a lascivious swimsuit and show the crab crotch dance Let me do it.The hero who is a middle-aged man with a strong libido commits two cheeky school girls with high pride as he thinks, and trains for pleasure addiction and hits "the greatness of an adult man" into his body .
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