Black Knight – Knight of Insult [RPG][Japanese]

Black Knight - 凌辱の騎士

Japanese | 567mb | 2022-01-22

Hard insult RPG
mercenary commander Lucy falls into the hands of a demon and receives various insults. The
story of a proud female knight’s human collapse . Kingdom There was the strongest mercenary unit in the country to fulfill any request. The mercenary unit is led by the female knight Lucy. A request for an archaeological site survey comes to her. It was an investigation of the royal treasure that was once said to have sealed the monsters at the ruins. However, the insult of an unimaginable monster awaited there. ▲ Hard insults The main focus is on terrible insults and hard rape by monsters. A lot of differences are prepared in each H scene, and in the last scene, the difference of 30 sheets thoroughly despairs, insults, and collapses the female knight. [Situation of H] Oak: Story x1 Oak: Combat Rape x2 Demon: Story x1 Demon: Combat Dragon Rape x1 Lizardman: Story x1 Trent: Story x1 Evil God: Story x1 ▲ Character Name: Lucy Attribute: Female Knight Personality: Order and Discipline A proud female warrior who values herself and lives in righteousness.​

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