Beaver Falls – Version 0.1.00[ADV][English]

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Beaver Falls – Version 0.1.00

Company:YoyoMiko Games
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Mega Mediafire

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Beaver Falls is an interactive adult video game currently in the early stages of development. We are Yoyo and Miko, a husband and wife team creating this adult game in our spare time. We are aiming to create a dynamic town full of captivating and believable characters that you can interact with as you please. As you explore the town, you’ll learn more about your neighbors and the many sexy surprises they may have in store for you.

Here are the new systems we implemented in v0.1.00:
– Day/Time System – You know how this goes. Everyday you have three time slots (morning, afternoon, and night) where you can explore the town and trigger events with characters to move time along. On the weekdays, school will take up most of your day, but the weekends are open for you to do whatever you want. For now we’ve kept all of our characters schedules pretty basic, but in future releases the day of the week and time of day will affect a lot of the open world as well as allow us to schedule in both story based and random events.
– Phone Interface- In your bedroom you will now see a phone icon down in the lower right hand corner. You can use your phone to launch an app called POPdate. You can use the app to view profiles and chat with girls in Beaver Falls. Best of all, (if the conversations go well) you can arrange fancy dates, hookups, or just exchange nudes and flirty texts.
– Stat System – we now have different activities throughout the town that will raise your stats, which are charm, intelligence, strength, kindness, and bravado. These stats will affect the conversation options you have available while wooing women on POPdate, and in the town. Different women may require different stat levels depending on what type of guy they’re after, so it’s best to stay well rounded and spend some time beefing up your stats.
– Money System- You can now do odd jobs around town to earn some cash to spend as you please.
– So those are the new systems we implemented in this release. This is all to create a more dynamic world, as well as give a little bit of structure and interest to what is still a mostly open world game. In the future these systems are going to allow us to create the storylines and tons of gameplay options that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.
It’s nearly impossible to do a proper changelog at this point since the scope of our game has completely changed since our last release, but here goes…
What’s New?
New Character – Bailey Cook
New Character – Kendra Cox
New Character – ???
New Character – Veronica Hill
Updated Character – Ethan Brown
Updated Character – Playable Character
New Location – Bar
New Location – Gym
New Location – Library
10 New “Night” Backgrounds
New Backgrounds – Long’s garage, second school hallway
New Poses – Mom in kitchen, Cat in garage, student in hallway
New Scene – Playable Character “Wake Up” Scene
New Scene – Meeting Ethan
New Scene – Daily Classroom
New Scene – Playable Character texting with phone interface
Updated Map
Updated Intro
6 New Stat Activities
New POPdate profile – $daddysgirl$
New POPdate profile – gamergirl:3
New POPdate profile – K.Cox88
New POPdate profile – horse_mama_dana12
New POPdate profile – 0100010011
Multiple conversations with POPdate girls, including over 300 text messages and over half a dozen selfies
New Sound Effects – Phone
New H-Scene- animated – BJ with Kendra – multiple endings
New H-Scene – animated – Sex with Kendra

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