Banzoku no kendo(RPG)(Japanese)

SUMMER-田舎の性活- +おでかけ

Japanese | 383mb | 2021/11/22

A story about a female warrior (hero) who was embarrassed by the Coliseum trying to get revenge.
It is designed so that you can play for a long time, for better or for worse.
Also, you probably don't have to lose and go to see CG. (It is a difficulty level that can be done normally even if it is not intentional.)

* Although it is made by RPG Maker MV, it is necessary to check the operation with the trial version because it is processed in various ways.
* Since I created it with the world view that if all the conspiracy theories were true, there are a lot of conspiracy theories. People who are stepping on will talk about conspiracy theories and worldviews that are not related to stories and hints, so avoid those who are not good at it.
* Although it is prohibited to animate this game in principle, posting to sites where age restrictions are applied or posting to sites that clearly indicate that it is R18 content is OK only for the trial version. (It is prohibited to post to sites for all ages even if you edit the video.)



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