Aru Kemo ~ Kemomimi Alchemist ~ v1.03 [RPG][Japanese]

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Company:Souzai Soft
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The method of curing the curse…… Aphrodisiacs!?
An animal eared aphrodisiac synthesizing RPG

Arnya failed while she was synthesizing and ended up with a curse.
In order to cure the curse she needs to create a special medicine but
the materials required are rare and unusual things.
Until she can collect the necessary materials, she thus needs
something to help with reducing the effects of the curse but…
What that something turned out to be was… aphrodisiacs!

The more she drinks, the more lewd she becomes…! In the end…
Can Arnya successfully cure her curse before ending up a lewd slut!?

The first town she arrives, she is deceived and ends up being gangbanged,
forced into prostitution, violated by monsters in the dungeon and eventually
even ends up performing erotic acts with the people in her own village…!
No sooner than later is she horny at home and masturbating deep into the night.
The very sexual acts she despised at first… Arnya begins to begs for them herself…!

Enjoy as this kemomimi (animal eared) girl slowly but surely becomes a lewd slut!

Arnya: YukiUsagi
Lena: Mafuyu Hiiragi

Artwork: TakehanaNote
Scenario: Koutarou Wakabayashi
SD Artwork: Hajime Tougetsu