Uchi no Ichizu na Tsuma ni Kagitte… ~Jitakunai Netorare o Misetsukerareru Otto~ [ADV][Japanese]

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うちの一途な妻にかぎって… ~自宅内ネトラレを見せつけられる夫~

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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The story starts with the protagonist Obara Shinichi laying down on his bed at night after a hard day of work, like always he works himself to the bone, leaving early in the mornings to only come back late at night, it is really tiring Shinichi thinks to himself, but still he is proud of it for that is how he became the general manager of the company he works for after years of effort, with that Shinichi really gives his all at the company, never showing exhaustion while in there, but when he comes home his body conditioned itself to show how much fatiguing the workload was, so Shinichi cannot do much at home beyond eating something quick and then going to sleep, sometimes not even bathing but doing that the next day when he prepares to go to work once again.

While thinking all that and introducing the reader to his story Shinichi starts hearing odd noises, he is almost asleep but these sounds are keeping him half-awake, Shinichi tries to focus a little more, he gets a better idea of his surroundings then, while still laid down he notices those noises were moans, from his wife Obara Nanao who is doing something Shinichi cannot believe, she is fellating her very own younger brother Nagashima Eisuke; Shinichi is in utter shock, refusing to accept what is happening there a mere palm distance away from him, but he keeps himself quiet and still to make it seem he is sleeping as usual. Nanao and Eisuke finish their ordeal, and by the way Eisuke says he is eagerly waiting for the next time very much confirms the siblings have been on this double immoral relationship for quite a while, Nanao worried looks at Shinichi’s way to confirm he is sleeping, he stands still so Nanao thinks he didn’t notice anything, but he did and now Shinichi sleeps in utter disbelief about this situation.