Summertime Saga [v0.12.10 Bugfix] [Western][ADV][English]

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Summertime Saga

Year:2017/03/31 / 2017/05/22 (Last Update)
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Mega Mediafire Mega BACKUP Mediafire BACKUP


– Visual Novel story progression
– Dating sim stat and quest progression
– Enhanced experience through cut scenes and mini games
– Powered by Renpy Engine
Planned features:
– 3 Main plot quests to complete
– Mini games that help you further progress in the game
– Active map to explore
– 20+ locations to visit
– Many characters to interact with
– Inventory system
– Stats, energy and monetary system
– Triggered hardcore adult scenes with options
– Potential universe expansions when the town development is completed
  • Andy Pratama Putra

    Is there will be any update sokn…?

  • Artex

    Not the full game.. still in development

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    Changelog v0.12.10:
    – Added sister story, quests and dialogues
    – Sister H-scenes (various locations)
    – New shower scenes
    – New telescope scenes
    – New home layout and rooms
    – New locations on map (Church, Police station…)
    – Multiple new BGs
    – New Somrak quests
    – New punching bag minigame moves and art
    – All minigame mechanics improved
    – Many new characters
    – New Mom dialogues and new H-scene
    – New Aunt Diane H-scene
    – 2 New Aunt Diane dialogue scenes
    – Mom story flow rework
    – Sister computer improvements and new content
    – Library layout modified for future content
    – New Mall stores
    – New items
    – New cut-scenes (and dream sequence)
    – Menu VFX
    – New music and SFX
    – Android build more compatible with minigames
    – Bug fixes

    • Robby Fajar

      Please Update 0.12.70 thanks