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Deja tus sugerencias y ayúdanos a mejorar =)


  • TheMajorGame

    Hello again, Thx for the “Mizuki Island” before. Now I’ll try to help improve (Since I don’t see any suggestion here -_-)
    I see that you’ve uploaded “Kuru Kuru Coeur” and “Futaba Channel” , So I had a though in mind for the next upload.

    Here is the link for the game I was talking about:

    Either you’re going to upload it or not. That’s for you to decide :D
    Thx again for uploading my request.

    • Onlyhgames

      it looks interesting, I’ll upload

  • marcoka

    que paso que no veo el chat? eso le daba mas vida a la pagina, y no solo ver los estrenos 5 seg y cerrar la pestaña.

    • Onlyhgames

      es una pestaña abajo a la derecha :D

  • jack

    you could upload unteralterbach. free VN (hentai game), originally in german but can change languages in the menu on the right by clicking the flag.

    here is a link to the website:

    you can find information here:

    as a thank you for spending so much of your time uploading content, i’ll help by finding more free games for you.

    • Onlyhgames

      excellent, thanks for your contributions

  • jack

    there’s also katawa shoujo a free vn.

  • toshiro

    Yobai Suru Shichinin no Harame

  • jack

    @onlyhgames:disqus i don’t mind if you don’t upload my request. any content you upload is completely fine with me. ( especially if they involve either loli or incest).

    • Onlyhgames

      No problem, I’ll try to upload all

  • jack

    polygon love 2.
    download links in the description. if they don’t work ill try to find some other links.

    • Onlyhgames

      i like this

  • jack


    there’s also Sim brothel 2 that can be downloaded and is constantly being worked on, so there will be updates; adding more characters, images and quests. its pretty fun.
    And im not too sure about this but i think Artificial academy 2 is free. not sure, might have to confirm this.

  • John A.

    I want this game Welcome to Everlasting Pregnant Wife Island ! ~ Ero Muchi Vacation with 4 Hot Milfs ~
    but I ‘m trying to buy it from the oficial website and I’m not getting it. Anyone know any place where I can download for free?

  • Ahrak Ajahh

    please more game with EN or EN/JP Language

  • Dark Slayer

    hey hey! porque no pones la novela visual de Spocon! ~Sports Wear-Complex~ la he buscado pero pues no obtuve buen resultado xD te agradeceria que la agregases aca para descargar

  • HenFan

    Could you upload this game please : Maho Tama Series – Bloomer Hen (まほ☆たまシリーズ ブルマ編)

  • dakota

    Would it be possible to be add the ability to search for one or more tags (preferably with some kind of list of all the tags)? (I’m sorry if someone already asked this)

    • Onlyhgames

      Working on it

  • Exo-me Endo-perv

    A way to bookmark?

  • anhchuong95

    Could you add rss feature to the website?

    • Onlyhgames

      as which?

      • anhchuong95

        Not sure what you’re asking, but what I meant is adding rss feeds for the new post. It would help me to follow the website more easily without going to fb.

        • Onlyhgames

          subscription via email added in home page.

          • anhchuong95


  • ziegenschupser

    Is there any chance that “Triangle Blue” is getting translated? Or does someone knowes a text hooker that works on this game? ITH dosn’t work correctly.

    • Onlyhgames

      try with vnr (visual novel reader)

      • ziegenschupser

        It works, thank u so much!!

  • Alexander Vollmer

    Would you be able to get Kamidori Alchemy Meister in english not just the patch but the full game assemble in a download? I am having problems with it.

  • ziegenschupser

    How can I get the text issue at Marriage Blue fixed? It looks like on the pic for me. (Sorry for my english)

    • ziegenschupser

      Ok, I fixed it myself.

      For all who have the same problem:
      You have to go to the region and language settings and change the formates to japanese.

      • Onlyhgames


  • MAXIMOHentai-sama

    Podrias subir por favor “Monmusu Festival” :)

  • MAXIMOHentai-sama

    El eroge de Ane Yome Quartet por favor si no es molestia :3


    could you please upload this game : kamidori alchemy meister

  • Mrme

    Do you know any more fighting hen tail games for android tablets, I have the fighter z game but I need more. Any help would be great.

  • kaoswl

    I think you should add sorting size func ^_^

  • Hafizan39 (Otaku)

    Pls Upload English game RPG Hentai..example Parallel Fantasy IF,Welcome to Our Western Hotel! and Ushi Musume Mei Nochotto H na Boukenki :) please more game with EN or EN/JP Language

  • Tatucarreta

    yo creeria que faltarian tutoriales simples de daemon tools, ultraiso, winrar y por ultimo para pasar el unicode japones como instalarlo primero y despues como ponerlo

    • pienso lo mismo, en estos dias lo hago

      • voy a usar tus imagenes de ultraiso espero no te moleste

      • Tatucarreta

        si necesitas ayuda avisame que te ayudo de una loco

  • NoWhereAndEveryWhere

    Upload this pls: Omae no Mono wa Ore no Mono ~Otto ni wa Misenai Midara na Kao o Otouto ni Sarasu Kyonuu Wakazuma~
    Cant find anywhere ….

  • AnimePhilia

    Making these all Mac compatible?

    • I don’t know compatible games for mac

  • MetalGear0987

    Greetings! I have a question. Could it be possible to add the “Pregnant” and “Footjob” as a tag? Maybe “Gal-Girls” and “Prostitution” aswell?
    :) Great site! I really love it btw! :)

    • I’ll try, for now the new published games will have the new tags

      • MetalGear0987

        Thanks! If possible, it could also made in the far future that people can make tags themself for everyone to see. Problem would be of course if someone abuses this but meh. Anyways keep up the great work! :)

        • like exhentai? is a good idea when unoccupied I will try to do something with it

  • Theamazingone 007

    Hello. Love this website. I have been trying to input some recommendations in H Game request and It wasn’t letting me. It kept on going to spam. Here is the recommendation. Thank you and keep up the great work.


    thanks for upload good H-game continually I recommend this one plz ><

  • TheGreatOne

    I just want to say I love this website. I have been searching for this for along time and cant seem to be able to get it.
    KISS MIKU CARDBOARD Android,1377500/

  • Xtrl Sidma

    love the site heres a suggestion if you could i would love you forever

  • `Gaijin Max`

    hello admin,first it’s been a while for me to visit here,as always VN is more unique than a online game so i recomended this site to all my friends in my country,(cause they love anime so much and H )i hope they love it :D

    ok then i have 1 suggestions and question
    for suggestions is:Could you make a link to VNDB,in game that didnt have a description in your site? (but the minus is on spoiler)

    for a question:are you working on a translations in a H or a VN?

    sory for my bad english,thanks for your hard work,Love your site :D

    edited:i think my sugestion is not a suggetion sory T.T

  • Tatucarreta

    Buenas una sugerencia que se me ocurre es una categoria pero de las compañias que hacen los juego. Te explico el motivo es que algunas veces te gusta el diseño o la historia del eroge que jugaste y capas que no tiene segunda parte pero puede ser que la compañia haga similares o con el mismo diseño pero con otra historia nose si me explique bien o di muchas vueltas pero creeria que captas la idea :) un saludo y felicidades como crecio la pagina

    • Si es una idea que la tengo en la mente pero no se bien como hacerla todavía. Ya que para buscar juegos por empresas basta con poner el nombre de la empresa en el buscador el problema viene cuando es una empresa con un nombre corto y pueden salir juegos que no tienen nada que ver. Voy a ver si creo una etiqueta con el nombre de la empresa de a poco.

      Gracias! saludos

  • спасибо
  • TheGreatOne

    Hey admin you haven’t put my links in the game request. I made two comments one starting with “Slime Musume no Sodatekata” and the other starting with “Idol☆Gyaku” I posted them 11 days ago and they are the first comments of this month. Could you put the links in the pending request as I had already put them in? Thank you :)

  • HenFan
  • Erotic Interactive Visual Novel: “Pact with a witch”. English/Español
    (NSFW +18) Demo here:

  • rex 12

    hola podrian poner el juego rpg harem collector en español. gracias

  • Gabriel tama

    company tags please

  • FlameDimension 95

    Hi admin. Why did you close the “Request” bar about 4 months ago? I was planning to give some request.

  • Lucas

    Hola queria saber si pensarias en poner un sistema de donadores como tienen otras paginas de este tipo. Donde a la gente que te done les quitas los anuncios.

  • Ronny Kuilan

    when will we be able to make requests for h games I actually have a few requests

  • Satrio Aji
  • How about starting a discord server for the site? It’s been very popular and people could discuss Eroge as well as the problems at that place. Just a suggestion~

  • One more suggestion, a website nicoblog(dot)org used to host eroge but they were removed by the admin a few months ago due to some reason. Perhaps you could get in touch with the admin to expand your collection? Perhaps you already have~ Anyway, I hope this is helpful~ As for the previous suggestion about the discord server, please do contact me if I can be of any help~ It’s a pity that I couldn’t download all the games(HDD is full T-T) here but I do play a lot of em~

  • john ngo

    can you do more anim games i want to play Senpai no Oku-san ni Yuuwaku Sarete, Mi mo Kokoro mo Netoru Hanashi

    • MetalGear0987

      This belongs to H-Game Requests!

  • Ale Mtz (GamerOtaku)

    Traigan este juego Koinaka de Hatsukoi x Nakadashi Sexual Life porfa :'(

  • john ngo

    Ok need help on this for some stupid reason all Heiantei game text is a bunch of Gibhrish and I look all over and haven’t found a single solution to this problem if you have one please tell us thank you

  • MetalGear0987

    It would be nice to be able to search via the company that made a game just like searching with a tag.

  • Hafizan39 (Otaku)

    pls upload game english or Japanese by Company: ZyX because zyx have animated gifs from for example Ecchi na Bunny-san wa Kirai? & Ecchi na Bunny-san wa Kirai? II….. i need more game like that.. pls..

  • I have no idea about how to contact you except this place XD… About that Discord server I was talking about before. You want me to set it up? I’ll be the admin and find mods(many of my peers would be interested) of the Discord server or you can join in and manage it. You just have to display the Discord invite link somewhere on the site. So how about it? Although there are forums etc for these, Discord is more active imo. :D

  • fang

    you guys should really add an animated scenes genre for eroges

  • Mitsuki098

    Hi this is my first time so please can you translate this : ive been waiting on this game.

  • Mitsuki098

    hi I also like you to see and translate this : its intesresting

  • Arvalian

    hello admin, i think you need add more rpg game like monster girl island or anything else rpg game in this site still have 3 page, and add more game on patreon to this site there’s so many game in develop, add that to your site so users can get more game on your site and add version description on every post you made so people can see is that game already updated, this list patreon game i know and this russian site that have many games maybe you want to download them and add to your site they have daily limit to download about 5 torrent for a day, you need to gain rank to 1.0 to download as much as you want

  • Kiky Agustina

    i am here not to make a suggestion … but rather a question … are this site still active ? cause this past few weeks i don’t see any new games being upload here [rather its translated or not] …

  • can you upload this ?
    thanks :D

  • Warrior GGWP

    Amae Haha Nozomi please

  • DiskOnlyH

    Error play game mama club sankan
    Play with crack NoDVD or Not after screen loaded and click/enter next screen get C4.EXE error “has stopped working”

    tried several methods of daemon tools, japanese local, local emulator,
    with NoDVD crack or not, compability Win XP, run an administrator, and
    other but same is C4.EXE “has stopped working”

  • xXAnimeFanXx

    Could you please upload Yurine ~Onee-sama ga Oshiete Kureta~ link is here:

  • john ngo

    There are some games here I tried to start and some don’t work and so I list the following I have trouble with along with other people.

    This are some of the games I have trouble starting up I tried every method I could think of so I don’t know whats the problem is but the cracks for this game don’t seem to work for example in Naisho no Naisho I installed everything but as soon I start the crack the crack dose not work so I think you should try to see what games work or not but overall thanks also thank you very much

    • What is the problem you have, the games work, be more specific please

      For crack of naisho no naisho run cracker.exe in administrator mode select first option and select the game.

      Inmoral teacher not need a special installation just run setup and install Old Guilty+ games probably have problems with windows 10, so you can try to run on windows 7 compatibility or mount windows 7 in a virtual machine

      Imouto Smile Neither does it need a special installation but you can try downloading the update
      It is also an old game so it could be incompatible with windows 10

      • john ngo

        Ok so I got naisho no naisho working as for imouto smile i install everything and then add the patch but the problem is when I click on game is shows up for a moment then disappears and for Inmoral teacher got that working as well so thanks I now i really want to play imouto smile so any suggestions? I tried trouble shooting dose not work so I don’t know what too do

  • john ngo

    Ok so i tried playing Hitozuma Swimming Club and it works fine but the visual novel reader dose not read it do you have any idea why it dose not translate the game??

  • Ouroboros

    Could you please upload Miboujin Nikki ~Akogare no Ano Hito to Hitotsu Yane no Shita~
    VNDB link :

  • ismet

    i cant play mesu idol on windows 10?
    can you help me?

  • Potato Baron

    how about new games? like:

    Erosion ZERO -I can’t now-
    Bitch Police by Oneone1 or basically all game made by Oneone1
    or a translated version of Taimanin Yukikaze 2 and Henshin 3

  • 九帖欄丸湯来

    Please upload this game

    Koinaka -Koinaka de Hatsukoi x Nakadashi Sexual Life-

    Koinaka Lovers


  • yaoihunter✨

    why do i have to put in a password to extract some of the games..? i have only downloaded 2 from you and i have to use a password to extract WHICH I DON’T KNOW. someone help!

  • Neptune

    Requesting this games.
    喪失のMarried Life —序章—

    喪失のMarried Life

  • Sadistt

    Requesting: Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~

    -Amatarasu Riddle Star-

    Just these two, please and thank you!

  • MetalGear0987

    Hey how about an option to search for (like click on it like a tag) all of the game a developer has made. I was into looking all of the ANIM games but noticed if i search for anim i cant find them.
    Some people would prob. like this aswell, would make the site more organized than others than it already is :)

  • arial

    I request Karmasutra

  • Demonipple Academy Hentai x Heart please

  • Neptune

    Sweet Home ~H na Onee-san wa Suki Desu ka?~

    Also requesting this one

  • Warrior GGWP
  • Kotthm

    Nora to oujo to noraneko heart

  • Requesting

    Requesting: X-Change 3
    Here is a download website but their download scheme is REALLY difficult to use.
    And the VNDB page for it.

  • umito

    Requesting: Innocent Girl
    VNDB page for it:

  • umito

    Requesting: Harvest OverRay
    VNDB page for it:

  • Wave~

    Requesting: Love Pote Gakuen
    VNDB page:

    Requesting: Dai wa Shou o Kanenai
    VNDB page:

  • the_meme_guy

    yo dude can u upload Kyuuketsuki no Libra

  • Okky Harwanto Wijaya

    can u upload Hime-sama Love Life!

  • Elizabeth Mendez

    Hi, can you upload imouto yuuwaku ecchi please

  • `Gaijin Max`

    Umm i know that some people already know this but i will post it here anyways to helping Admin with some advice to New EroGamers Player from all over the world

    for those who use Win 8.1 as i am if you encounter an error like this
    “Authentication failed : unrecognized kernel 32 module./ NM.”

    You dont have to worried your game is ready to play,but its need 1 last step to complete it

    there are 2 ways to fix it :

    1. if the game are already included the patch for it,you can try that patch and maybe it can fix it in a normal proper ways without even put anything else (crack still included no matter what) can try this instead
    extract it and copy all the content to game folder (“readme” files doesnt count)

    if that 2 ways still didnt even make it,then maybe it have something wrong with the game engine or bad files in that.

    So thats it guys if you encounter same error in diffrent game just do this aggain its worth to try.
    thanks aggain to only H games for the awesome games and newly added GDrive,i hope the older game also uploaded to there i will really apreciate it xD,Lets meet aggain in the comment section bellow guys “matta atou de ne >.>”

  • fluxion9

    Hello. I’m not sure if i’m doing it right but can you upload D.S. -Dal Segno-?

  • Karasu

    Id like to see Camp Pinewood by Vaultman

  • Jesus Ernesto Guzman Gomez

    If you want this visual novel I can give you a download link!sjBGxKpZ!NmTainpaGfzH9izRDTH2LA

  • fluxion9

    Hello again.
    Thanks for earlier // Could you add Wagamama High Spec too?

  • LauraISLife

    Hello! Princess Evangile W Happiness please!

  • lieschen müller
  • flame123

    can you upload Bakunyuu Hoken Onna Kyoushi

    • flame123

      sorry, that’s the wrong title. i think this one is the right one:
      Onna Kyoushi Collection ~Horny Teachers~ Memorial Edition

      it’s the collection of the game that include the Bakunyuu Hoken Onna Kyoushi

  • GGG

    can you upload more mature games? :D thx

  • Frost Synx

    can you upload some game from eushully like kami no rhapsody or something else..
    thanks before

  • Rizotot

    Hello, is it possible to add :
    Shojo bitchi-darake no tenisu-bu gasshuku! 「Atashi ga shojo datte shōko ga doko ni an no yo!?」
    please ?
    Thank you !

  • Akarai
  • Jonathan Dasylva Kamalaputta

    sword princess cistina
    make all download from google play

  • herculeng19

    can you upload Maro no Kanja wa Gatenkei

  • AnimeGamer

    Where does that pic come from? x) [EDIT: Ah nvm already reverse-image searched it]
    Also I can suggest “Alps and the dangerous forest”.

  • LOLICON 101

    imouto neet kousei choukyou please

  • Agung

    can you upload Pure X Connect ?

  • LOLICON 101 pls upload imouto neet kousei choukyou

  • Lim James
    Plz I need azunyan

  • Worried User

    This site is currently infected with bitcoin miners, adware, and malware code. Not sure if it is because of the advertisements, its security has been breached, or someone knowingly infected it with malicious malware.

    If it is the first two I hope you get it fixed soon. If it is the third possible reason (I hope not) I hope this serves as a warning to any other users of the malicious code and attacks they will be receiving after visiting this site.

    I hope you get this issue fixed soon and transparently because I really do like using this site.

  • Monoarticuler

    another atelier kaguya intersting series

  • takiyadesuu

    sei shojo please or another HERENCIA game

  • Furisiwa Haru

    I need more action game like parasite in city, shinoby girl…please add more game action like that ….

  • sparta kus

    some games are long with a lot of images that we do not always have everything in CG! there is no file to have the 100% image of the game to no longer have the disappointment of not knowing how to have the last scene we have to unlock!

  • sparta kus

    and need some hypnosis / mind control game !! is so hot ..and sexy !!
    (i love pregnant and zoo game so) <3

  • Juan Argento

    podes subir este juego Nobunaga and Hideyoshi and Ieyasu!? Cum Balloon Girls of Japanese History!!

  • Minh Quoc

    Sissy Maker v2.0 pls

  • kuuhaku zero

    add the ram requirement. so player can know how much ram to use

  • jesus manuel may de la cruz

    este eroge por favor es de anim, y es de MILF

  • felip

    Puedes buscar este eroge (lo encontré en otro lugar pero algunos archivos estaban mal ) ,
    otra seria Natsuiro Koi Uta .. (esta si la tengo la saque de aqui por si puedes subirla de igual manera )

  • marlon delarosa

    The Heiress uncensored i wanted so bad :(

  • David Wrong

    Upload Itazura Kyouaku please!

  • RS

    Pls give a body swap,gender bender, male change to female, genres to let us find games like Change! ~Ano Ko ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ ,X-Change 2,X-Change more easier

  • samzehhh

    can u share this game pls : “[α-MODEL] Ossan Kyoushi No Joshikousei Zuma ga Yarichin Danshi ni Netorareru Hanashi”

  • Alexander Vollmer

    Kamidori Alchemy Meister english please

    • Mischa Alexander Saadeh Samani

      that one has already been done. I think another site has that one.

  • Ryuga

    you can share this game please: Sengoku † Koihime X ~ Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki

  • Lacqs

    pls upload Kami no Rhapsody and Ikusa Megami VERITA..

  • Mischa Alexander Saadeh Samani

    is it possible to translate “Goblin walker”? Pretty easy action game yet The story seems like a fun read

    • Mischa Alexander Saadeh Samani

      NM. Original Maker says He will make an English Version once he is done. :)

  • Pepe Lius

    Can u Share

    Monmusu Quest: Paradox (Part1) and [part 2] english version

    Thank you :)

  • Andre Costa Assis

    i found a partially translation for the game teaching feeling 2.1
    can i share with you guys?