Sei Gyaku Rape Gakuen ~Ore no Seieki o Nekosogi Shibori Tsukusu Onna-tachi~ [JAP][PC][Visual Novel]

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Company: Dieselmine Mf

Original Title: 聖・逆レイプ学園 ~俺の精液を根こそぎ搾り尽くすオンナたち~

Year: 2015/05/08
Classification: +18
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Yes
Voice: Yes
Animation: No
Type: Visual Novel
Genre: Big Tits, School-Girl, Teacher, Loli
Size: 398mb
Plataform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Mediafire: [Part 1][Part 2]
Mega: [Part 1][Part 2]

I, as a teacher in a girls’ school, am violated by girls craved for semen!
But I… will make them go straight… even if my sperm is squeezed to the last drop…!

  • Al Ma

    Hi, excuse me. I’m not a newby with japanese stuff, but this game always pops up error messages, even with my local in japanese, with applocale and even with netlea. This is the first time those softwares don’t success avoiding errors from a japanese game. So, is there a special way to run this game ? I really would like to play it ! Thank you for helping me, and for your work on the website in general.

    • screenshot pls

      • Al Ma

        Thank you for quick answer. So, with big blue screen I used applocale (same as admin or not) and the game didn’t even launched with netlea. I hope I’m not a fool, but first time it resists like this.

          • Al Ma

            It took time with windows 10, but all my pc is in japanese language now and localised in Japan. But still the same messages… sorry for unpleasantness

          • Change name of the folder and executable for “asd”

          • like this

          • Al Ma

            Thank you, i will try ASAP ;)

          • Al Ma

            Thank you for your help, it worked ! No need to have PC in japanese, I renamed like you said, and it launched with netlea. Have a nice day !

          • enjoy

  • nine

    why the game show black screen?

    • nine

      i fix the problem ady