SEED OF THE DEAD [Action][English/Japanese]

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Language:English / Japanese
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An authentic FPS game melded with eroticism!
Due to an epidemic virus outbreak the world is flooded with Zombies (aka “Z”)!
Can you survive along with the three heroines through this hellish ordeal!?

* Horror Imminent! An authentic 3D FPS (first person shooter)
– Use guns and melee weapons to eradicate the Z swarms!
– 5 types of enemies
– 15 types of weapons
– 7 types scenarios / games
– Utilizing the latest “UnrealEngine4” for high quality 3D graphics!
– Contains enough volume and difficulty for even hardcore FPS gamers!

* A combination of [Eros x Horror x FPS] like no-one has created before!
– The zombie armies will assail you and try to r*pe the heroines!
– In order to save the heroines, r*pe by the protagonist is necessary!
– Horror and Excitement like never before… begins now!

* There are plenty of situations and H scenes to appease the player!
– R*pe, machine violation, interspecies, egg laying, +other such ryona stuff!
– As a side effect of the virus, there are plenty of gapeface scenes!
– Various story developments possible, including heroine death by the Z!
– Of course, after clearing the game a CG Mode is available!

  • Adair Oswaldo Bernal Cortez

    god bless you, son

    • Georgi Trifonov

      god bleseed me from what im blodne srry iask what are those scars on my hands

  • Georgi Trifonov

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    • Georgi Trifonov

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  • JG-05

    can I request the game visual novel called ” xxx of the dead”

  • Georgi Trifonov

    srry iask can iask n obattle rating no level up and no res boring :D its something like sex shooter im offending the creators did oyu do that i want to be strong as boos and % hp potions

  • William Alexander

    Where is save file location?

  • Jason

    I can see so many opportunities for this game to be further improved. And bug fixes of course…

  • the lolicon

    im new to this , so what do i need to do to play this game . i saw multiple files of it

    • Pew Pewpew

      download all 3 files. They are just split into 3 files due to size. Hopefully you know how to handle .zip files but if you don’t you need to download a software call Winrar(google it) and open up part 1 to extract the entire game.

      • the lolicon

        do i put all 3 files into a single new file ? or i just need to extract part 1