Petite Goddess Emily 1.1 [RPG][English]

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Humans are threatened by the swelling tide of monsters across the land.
Emily, the goddess of love and light, descends to earth per her promise to Inicie,
but as a sensitive mortal…


Sexual harassment battles with 3 types of attacks:
sekuhara attacks, assault attacks, grope attacks (no animation for grope)

Cosplay featuring 7 kinds of outfits:
goddess, schoolgirl, gym uniform,
swimwear, nurse, leotard, china dress
+ panties, glasses options
+ adjustable hairstyles

Armor breaks in 4 stages of destruction

Reverse sexual attacks are also possible when you beat certain conditions:
handjob, footjob, p* ssy

  • Axis Lee

    file keeps saying corrupted

  • Adair Oswaldo Bernal Cortez

    corrupted :(

  • Mid Loa

    is this the complete game?

  • Monsieur Bones This menu screen reminds me of Violated Heroine which by my opinion is a good HRPG game and with this game implementing the same thing well i can say i am loving this game more than the game about piss and shit.

    • AceO Blade

      you can also find the same system in the game Girl Knigh Milk(made by the same people i think)

  • Mary Iry

    i cant play the game, it said ‘RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game.’. HELP ME PLEASE!!

    • Monsieur Bones

      then download that when it said it is “REQUIRED” don’t ask anymore cause that is to most stupid thing to ask also download Locale and set your pc to Japanese if you wish to play the games in this site.

  • Icewek

    Can someone help me? I can’t open the game it says rgss03 stopped working.

  • luffydono

    Hey ! somebody knows what is written under the vagina’s drawing in the menu? i’m really curious lol

  • Robby Knospe

    And again…. it says to me wrong password…

    Edit: Ok thats funny… after copie the Rar Datei in another folder it works….

  • sparta kus

    who knows other games translated into English from SHOKU or games that are as good in English ?? ^^

  • Stjepan Rajković

    file keeps saying corrupted i instal japanese pack

  • Stjepan Rajković