Niizuma Koyomi [ADV][Japanese]

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Company:Hadashi Shoujo
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Soushirou is about to graduate college, but at this point he still hasn’t found his calling professionaly speaking, that is till he admires a vase made by a famous potter. That’s Soushirou’s calling, the work of art captivates him so much that he immediately makes a vow to become a potter under that famous artist’s tutetalage.

Soushirou is accepted as a disiciple, with that Soushirou moves from Tokyo to a quite and cozy rural prefecture to live and learn with his master; there is where Soushirou will find love and marry while he develops his skills, becoming a worthy successor to his master.

  • Bagoes budianto

    cover game n SS…. why is so different ?

  • Icarus

    a little help pls?
    the game installs but when I run it, and after I close the japan only game, another pop shows up that won’t let me play.
    Since it closes the game if I close it OR keeps re-poping up constantly.

    • Ryan Nur Adzi

      some game need you to change all of your setting in cotrol panel -> region into japan/japanese and sometme its work for me ^_^

      • Icarus

        I tried it all but no luck.
        i have win 10 if that helps.

        • Xein

          compability mode win7. works for me xD, I played it from an extraction of the disk not installing the game

  • slimaldito

    si no pueden jugarlo hagan esto pongan el horario de japon la region en japon y tambien el formato en japon abren el juego y tambien le saltran los letreros japan only game solo denle cancelar y listo ya lo pueden jugar recomiendo apagar la pc cuando hagan los cambios

  • Ajaxdamighty
  • Sometingcool

    Does anyone know how to install this game? I don’t have any experience with installing these games

    • Kishin Eagle

      Step by step guide posted.

  • awsetfwe

    Password doesn’t work.

  • Ajaxdamighty

    this game wont work unless you can find a crack for the reallive.exe, if anyone finds a reliable one comment the location please

  • KibaLD

    programas como el ITH que sirven para sacar el texto del juego no saca bien el texto de este juego, alguien sabe alguna solucion a esto?

  • Kishin Eagle

    For anyone Having problem installing this game. Step by step. of what
    i do ussually when i see a game using Realive and SiglusEngine.

    1 – Mount Disk iso and install

    2 – Dowload this Crack

    3 – Extract crack in Game folder ( example C:Program Files 裸足少女koyomi )

    4 Launch the crack ( AlphaRomdie.exe) Drag and drop the Reallive.exe of the game instalation folder in the crack window.

    5- Now launch the game with the new Reallive.exe you have with the iso of disk 1 still mounted.

    6 That’s it you you should be able to play the game,
    now you can close, dismount the iso and delete them if you want

    (Just have too keep the iso mounted only for the first launch, but after
    this is done you don’t need them ever, if you want to play. )

  • KibaLD

    Programs like the ITH that serve to get the text of the game does not get the text right out of this game, does anyone know any solution to this?

  • dbzdbz

    is anyone still able to install this game? I still have problems

  • yagami zeal

    nice game :3
    thanks admin for this game :D
    & this is work (*w*)/
    thank you so much admin :D

    • Wafa Ibadurrahman Anggara

      can you tell me how you make it work?
      i’ve changed my locale to japanese but its not working

      • yagami zeal

        can you screenshot?

        • Wafa Ibadurrahman Anggara

          NVM dude idk what i’m doing but its work suddenly
          thanks for responding by the way

          • yagami zeal

            Thank goodness
            and yeah no problem bro

  • Ajis Kewer

    english translator work for this game?