Mankitsu Happening [JAP][PC][ADV]

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Animation: No
Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Genre:Comedy, Romance, Harem
Plataform:Windows: XP/Vista/7


Not description yet…
  • harmit

    gracias por el subirla en tan buenos servidores

  • Alex

    Disculpen, alguien me puede facilitar los links de Mega, debido a que cuando hago click me direcciona a una pagina diferente, y aunque desactivo adblock sucede lo mismo…

  • Jesus Santana

    Hola quisiera saber si hay alguna forma de cambiarle el idioma al juego,porque cuando me pide ejecutarlo esta todo en japones y aunque creo que le di a la opcion correcta , pero al llegar al 99 por ciento dice que no responde asi que les agradeceria mucho si me indican como abrir el juego

  • Jewelry Bonney

    at last …. thank

  • RandallJay
    • `Gaijin Max`

      have you have change your applocale to japan?

      • RandallJay

        nope,should i?after that i can install it?

      • RandallJay

        i change to japan,still cant…

        • `Gaijin Max`

          i just realize!!
          you have to mount it on your virtual driver!!
          not launch the setup on winrrar

          its works for me tho :/

          • RandallJay

            what do you mean by virtual driver,There is only setup in me

          • `Gaijin Max`

            seems like its your first time playing an “iso” file game ehh? you can view the tutorial on Youtube “how to install a Iso game” or just follow my lead its your choice. (but trust me its not that hard just taken some time to progres)

            1st=if you have already got an app like “daemon tool” or “powerISO” we can skip to instalation,if not,Download just 1 of it (either way works,find in google)

            1.mount the “ISO” file that you already extracted to your “App” by right click it and choose “mount to drive …” (dots there mean your drive name)
            2.after it now you can run the “setup” on your “virtual drive”

            3.the game istallation its on japanese but its not hard just diffrent lagguage,click on click able choice from upward and follow the instalation just like other game (if you want you can change the game instalation location there)
            4.after that game is ready to play since it not requierd some crack

            but remember the game its in japanese!!! you cant change that,if the game doesnt include english patch or something else, but you can try “VN reader” .

            ok then thats all from me i hope this will help

          • RandallJay
          • @disqus_Jf9rHCgapQ:disqus set your unicode in japanese

          • RandallJay

            what about nukidoki?mankitsu is work now,the other game.

          • extract game in a folder and run setup

          • RandallJay

            always error

          • `Gaijin Max`

            Sukur lah udah work, soal nukidoki gw ga bisa bantu mungkin admin bisa

          • RandallJay
          • RandallJay

            ngomong2 lu orang indo ya?dari acc discuss lu soalnya

          • `Gaijin Max`

            Dasar Stalker :p

          • RandallJay

            I’ve changed from rar to file

  • `Gaijin Max`

    Omg i dont even know,my most favorite H its actually have its eroge untill somoene coment it in chat, Time to meets otona chan aggain ^.^

  • Eman Liame Drowssap

    does this have the school mizugi dlc?

  • NewUser001

    Ok, so I downloaded the game, changes my system locale to Japanese and tried running the setup and it didn’t work, also tried mounting it from Gizmo, as a virtual drive. And it didn’t work either. There are 2 files outside the folder, one names mankitsu.mds and one named mankitsu.mdf, I think I should be moving those inside the extracted folder for the setup to work but I’m not sure, Any help I can get?