Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki [ADV][English]

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Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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Spring is the flowering season, the season of the cherry blossoms. It is the time for first meetings and partings, when the buds start sprouting.

Yuma is a second-year student at Mihaya Academy who listens to love problems from girls at the school and gives them thoughtful advice. This has made him quite popular and loved, resulting in a 21,000 yen (taxes included) ‘love bounty’ placed on him. The girls came to him with problems ranging from jealousy to infidelity. Having heard about so many troubles related to love, Yuma lost any desire he had for it.

One day, a mysterious girl appeared before him. She had never been in love, but she believed that it was a wonderful thing. She asked him if he would like to be in love, and that as a love fairy, she will help his love come true.

A girl who cannot fall in love. A boy who has no interest in love. If they end up falling in love with each other, how will the world change?

  • unknown21

    i could not start the aplication, why is that so?

  • Ziggurat Localizations

    Dang forgot my manners.
    I have a request…

    A request for your happiness~

    Real talk, thanks for all the work. <3

    Sites great.

    Also, you might want to go to erogedownload and happen to upload some of their old stuff…
    I guess you could ask for permission, but end of the day we're all filthy pirates so its whatever. kek. I personally think it would be great to have their stuff at multiple places, just in case of DMCA etc.

    Aishiteru you. No homo/hetero/whatever your gender

  • Zero Breaker

    mediafire part 5 is missing

    • Uploader from www.onlyhgames.com


  • unknown21

    I tried running the application but it says error. how to fix that?

  • unknown21

    tell me how to fix this problem.

  • Attis Rebirth

    Thank you Admin <3

  • Baam

    I downloaded it and then it gives an error or something when i launch

  • unknown21

    That is the same problem I have as well. How to deal with this?

  • Artix Silver

    Works Fine for Me. Friend of mine downloaded this via Mega. Thanks a lot Admin!

  • unknown21

    it always give an error

  • unknown21

    what are the steps to download it properly?

    • lucifer lance

      Did you make sure that you have all the proper .dll files for it to run? Did you check the system requirements? Are you sure you downloaded the file properly? Tried locale(tho i doubt you need it here)? Try re downloading the game and try it again. Btw what is the error stating when you launch the game?

      • unknown21
        • lucifer lance

          Hm…… From what I can see, it seems the launcher is having problem
          Try launching it with a Japanese locale emulator
          Open with administration rights
          I never touched anything but the game, but try using the support tools, or see what does alphaROMdiE does
          Otherwise your best bet to fix it all would be to reinstall the game, or re download the file

        • lucifer lance

          I forgot to say this, but you could be having problem with installer because not properly unzipping the file, make sure to unzip all 8 parts together by selecting them all and extracting them with 7zip or winrar
          Also after google-ing I found something that could be needed for proper installation

        • lucifer lance

          I hope this helped, if not wait for mods to come for a solution or go to different site to download it, without installer, if possible

  • Yuukihime

    just a single screenshot and in order to view it. took 10 seconds. can you just make it simple. instead of bringing another web and skip a load of bullsh!t ads on the viewing screenshot howabout just making simple 1 click view image. if it is link game to download I don’t care

  • unknown21

    well, at least I showed the error and problem.

  • unknown21

    know how to fix it?

  • chewby
    • Vista kaix

      same problem here

  • disqus_jKpWZK2hE8

    just shorten the folder name, i renamed it to “saku saku” and it works