Gibo no Shizuku ~Shimetta Hada kara Kaori Tatsu Amai Iroka~ [ADV][Japanese]

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義母の滴 ~湿った肌から香り立つ甘い色香~

Type:Visual Novel / ADV
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  • Daniel Ramirez

    i cannot install it and didnt it need a crack?

  • Kolezvny123

    How to run this game? I have this communicate –

  • sanny

    can not instal it says error missing api.. what should i do.?

  • run

    I think this one needs a crack cause its asking me to buy it

  • John Ewerton

    Unofficial crack
    OBS:extract in to directory,crack for another game tinkerbell work.sorry for bad english
    PS: save does not work

    • bravo47

      men can you give me a hand i try to used the crack but this said Direct3Dの作成に失取しました. 工テー 1 i have directx 11

  • moment

    crack or something??? admin pls help

  • fyerz

    How do I reinstall it? is that I do not know what happened, but the file was lost and do not come the option to uninstall it. Or if it is possible someone can pass me by mediafire the folder that is installed?

    • bravo47

      you have two choose one is used other compluter and two made a new users

      • fyerz

        thanks, if it works, but you knew how to play it

        • bravo47

          My friend I try to play also for me this game need a right crack not a crack from other game wait 2 more week. I keep look for the right crack if I know I let you know we are friends and we have to help most we can on this hobby for is passion

  • Raffro Singh

    Any Crack yet?

  • john ngo

    Ok everyone listen up yes you need a crack and what John Ewerton said is correct URL:!9OYHDDoK!… and yes currently as of this comment the crack dose not allow you to save unless there is one out but as far as i know there is none. Ok for how to use it crack to begin with you put the crack in the file and play that’s it not the CD file no the one you put the crack in is the program file that not hard to understand and after that enjoy and since the crack dose not allow you to save your prograss here is a link of a walkthrough so in a sense you have to play it in one go

    • fyerz

      I already did but it makes a mistake

      • john ngo

        Did you check if you have all the right files? Did you check if the program was installed? putting the crack in dose nothing unless you install it the reason i didn’t say that part in the comment is because it should be obivious but if you did and its still not working then something is wrong or you can go try a different site to get the game. I did the same thing for one game i tried to get on here and it didn’t work but you can try this site H suki

        • dbzdbz

          ur file is asking me for a decryption key

          • takiyadesuu

            same here

        • fyerz

          I already did, but I do not know what files should have, but depending on the file that was installed and installed properly. I even downloaded it from that page and it shows the same thing and the same error “Direct3Dの作成に失取しました. 工テー 1”

        • Emmanuel

          yeah ur file is asking for decrypt code. how?

    • Raffro Singh

      Nothing changed =.=

  • MetalGear0987

    Dont use the crack, it corrupts the game and makes it atleast uninstallable for me.

  • takiyadesuu

    any missing fata for this file?