Danchi Wife ~Hitozuma Nude Model no Kenshin~ [Japanese]

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Type:Visual Novel / ADV
Genre:Netori, Harem, Mature
MegaMediafire G-Drive (1 link)


In this game, the protagonist is a shy and insecure young man. He lost his mother when he was a baby and never get any contact with woman, since his family was just father and 2 older brothers. To say your the true, he avoid contact with woman, he is exaggerated shy. Since he is a loser and not even can pass in the test to enter in a University, his father send him to Tokyo to study in a preparatory school alone. Living alone the protagonist meet his 2 new neighbors: a energetic and happy housewife and a serious and lonely widow.

Other interesting feature of the game is the fact that the protagonist want to enter in ARTS University, but, becasue he is so shy with woman, he cannot paint the nude of woman, and is explained that is exactly it that is the big trouble of the protagonist to pass the test to enter University.

The protagonist need to “train” the paint and he need a real woman to pose to him, NUDE, and in this way to try to “defeat” his shyness toward the nude of woman. Which woman the protagonist will choose to help him out of it ? This is YOUR choice.