CRYSTAL FANTASY ~Chapters of the Chosen Braves~ [RPG][English]

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The God of disorder, Chaos.
The Goddess of harmony, Cosmos.

In order to break the stalemate of their never ending battle,
Chaos begins to create fake worlds and
in order to stop him 12 braves are called to action……

  • Chihiro Kiryu

    There are still some Japanese dialogues… The first 10-15minutes of playing the game, Japanese language explains the buffs/debuffs and also Japanese language was also shown initially where the story begins. But other than that, Graphics and animation-, not to mention the voice, they are all Splendid.

    • Vincent Chandra

      did u have a problem with the voice?

  • Henry James

    Did anyone have save files?

  • Vincent Chandra

    there’s no battle voice in the game only at the h scene
    is there a way to fix it?

    • Pew Pewpew

      according to the source there is issue with the voice, no solution mentioned yet

  • Monsieur Bones

    so basically a hentai version of Dissidia…

  • aa

    i dont have a voice do there is a bug if it how to fix it ?

  • GeoRN Eleticel
    • YukinaHotaru

      hello, can you upload save data ?, please :(

  • ichi Rizky

    anyone have problem in graphics and animation cuz in my case the animation is black (all black)

  • The Jingo

    Are we play as male or female in the game?

  • diss

    did anyone have save data and how to cheat this game

  • Jeff Killer

    wrong password

  • Stjepan Rajković

    game is on hard mode no easy?

  • Stjepan Rajković

    and no voice in game