AneDeath. ~Anejini Kakugo no「Otouto Shibori」na Natsu ga Kuru!~ [JAP][PC][Visual Novel]

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Company:Atelier Kaguya
Animation: Yes
Type:Visual Novel – ADV
Genre: Incest, Harem, Nurse, Comedy
Size Apk:2890.mb
Plataform:Windows: XP/Vista/7
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Takahiro starts to live with his older sisters again after his parents get re-married. But he hasn’t seen them for the last eight years… Under one roof…
  • Nekoshi

    No deja instalar (manda error)

  • Shiney79

    I don’t really get why these sites host VNs that aren’t cracked, like this one. What’s the point if we can’t use it?

    • screenshot

      • Shiney79

        Pardon me? Screenshot of what, the error message?

        • yes

          • Shiney79

            I’m gonna go ahead and apologise – the version I got was from, and it doesn’t work – i reinstalled several times, and it asks for the disc. The version from this site, however, does work. Which is odd, same file name and everything, but there it is. So, I apologise.

          • No problem bro, if you have any error with other game im here

  • Luis Ángel Hernández Medellín

    No me deja instalar, siempre sale este error (aunque los elimine y vuelva a descargar):

    • awsetfwe

      I have the same problem as you. hopefully admin notices.

    • WhyU28

      Also getting this error. How has nobody else reported this?

  • awsetfwe

    Same problem as the person below me.

  • WhyU28

    For anyone having issues with installing the game (getting the same
    error as shown in the post below), follow the instructions in the help
    file under “manual” installation, that is to say:

    1. Load the disc Image onto your favourite DVD/CD emulator/drive.
    2. When setup.exe pops up to start your installation, hit the cancel button.
    3. Open up the drive your disc image is loaded onto, copy paste the entire contents onto your actual HDD or SSD
    4. Run Setup.exe from the HDD/SSD instead of the disc drive.
    5. Hopefully this lets you actually install the game without that annoying error.