AneDeath. ~Anejini Kakugo no「Otouto Shibori」na Natsu ga Kuru!~ [JAP][PC][Visual Novel]

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Company:Atelier Kaguya
Animation: Yes
Type:Visual Novel – ADV
Genre: Incest, Harem, Nurse, Comedy
Size Apk:2890.mb
Plataform:Windows: XP/Vista/7
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Takahiro starts to live with his older sisters again after his parents get re-married. But he hasn’t seen them for the last eight years… Under one roof…
  • Nekoshi

    No deja instalar (manda error)

  • Shiney79

    I don’t really get why these sites host VNs that aren’t cracked, like this one. What’s the point if we can’t use it?

    • screenshot

      • Shiney79

        Pardon me? Screenshot of what, the error message?

        • yes

          • Shiney79

            I’m gonna go ahead and apologise – the version I got was from, and it doesn’t work – i reinstalled several times, and it asks for the disc. The version from this site, however, does work. Which is odd, same file name and everything, but there it is. So, I apologise.

          • No problem bro, if you have any error with other game im here

  • Luis Ángel Hernández Medellín

    No me deja instalar, siempre sale este error (aunque los elimine y vuelva a descargar):

    • awsetfwe

      I have the same problem as you. hopefully admin notices.

  • awsetfwe

    Same problem as the person below me.