Amour Maho Academy [RPG][English]

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An NTR RPG where you hook up with three girls at magical school.
Make lovers of them, or watch the lovers seduced away.

* Premise
Someday they’ll fight monsters, but the student life is about romance;
enjoy the endless days of netori.

* Systems
The story progresses through stages of day and week:
Morning -> Class -> Afterschool 1 -> Afterschool 2 -> Night -> Late Night
Favorability (emotion) and compatibility (physical) parameters.
Depending on which is which, one may cuckold or be cuckolded.
Symbol encounter battles have no game over.
Some failed battles have erotic events, but not all.
Having sex with various partners is necessary to learn magic,
so make lots of relationships on different days at different times.

  • Mid Loa

    wait wait wait.. this is not like Thug Hero PArty right? cause i am having a debate with myself if i should still play that or bury it in the very depths of my consciousness and be forgetten cause i can’t deal with it.

    • Nakayami

      It’s different, in this game even if the MC get NTRed, he and the girl (silver hair) still loves each other no matter what happens. It’s more their duty, but it’s still hearbroking, mainly in the prologue. Thug Hero Party was soul crushing, but this one is fapping material :)

      For me it’s one of the best NTR games because you has many choices.

      PS : There’re no ending. You can keep playing by deciding which bastard can have his way with your girl.

      Sorry for my poor english.

      • Fadli Kusuma

        Hell yeah this game so much NTR route, fuck other genre i like NTR

      • Mid Loa

        ok so this is just heart breaking.. i can get with that but still.. the girls reminds me of the girls in Thug Hero Party also while i like NTR i want the MC to be the guy doing the NTR but that would mean this would turn into a NETORI but ARRGGHH!!!

      • OwlzCoolzz

        says….. they said there is locked or unable to watch CG in the CG room… like in the classroom where the sister got GB in front of classroom… any way to watch that?

  • Mid Loa


  • Mid Loa

    They said it was not linear NTR but it was. they said Girl like MC but it was not, they said this is just heartbreaking but IT WAS SOUL WRENCHING!!! THE HELL?! ok i got that out.. good luck to the fools that would play this.. now i need to get some NTR Mind Bleach.. any game with soft and mello gameplay? also add some Ahegao with it.. ohh and tentacles… also why not add NTR…

    • Mid Loa

      why am i playing this? i mean the very start the MC’s GF gets NTR by the teacher with a slow and steady pace using the idea of “Training” as an excuse just to fuck the girl into submission while MC need to up the Intimacy up of his freaking GF only by 2 to 4.. the fuck is this game even? anyone, just please give me a fucking explanation for this.. please!! every time i play this i get to fap then after that i want to bash my fucking head on a wall just to stop myself from going all twitchy like a yandere.. fuck this is insane!! i mean not Thug Hero Party insane but still.

      • Zac

        You sound like a total faggot. Get your shit together, spilling your soul over a game. Jesus.

    • hinagiku katsura

      have you finish the game yet? Can i have your save file i’m also getting crazy finishing this game…

  • Shlobsteen Shlobalob

    for fuck sake i hate this game the first sex scene really fucking hell this just brings back very painful memories of been cheated on add a fucking cheating tag on this game if i new that i wouldnt have ever played it

  • AnimeGamer

    I was always wondering why *Netorare* is the most famous sub-genre of NTR, why not *Netori* since many of those so proud NTR fags always spout a line like “You need to relate yourself to the stealer, not to the stolen” LOL. But the truth is many people actually get off to having their own gf/wife/waifu stolen by another guy, no matter how much those so called NeToRare fans deny it, that’s an undeniable fact (and there’s even a scientific proof of that). Oh oh and let’s use the usual excuse “It’s just FANTASY, it’s not like I would enjoy having my girl stolen IRL”

    • AceO Blade

      are there any Netori games(that are english) even like most are you get cheated on atleast this one gives you a chance to be the guy who fucks the girls

      • AnimeGamer

        tbh I can’t really think of many unfortunately, there’s that one called “Virgin Lode” where you play as a fat old priest and steal other people’s wives behind their back while pretending to be some sort of savior or whatever (it’s in english but NOT FULLY)

        • AceO Blade

          well dang makes you sad that there are so few

  • hinagiku katsura

    anyone has the complete save file? i’m going crazy finishing this game….(PLEASE HELLLPPPPP MMEEEE)

  • Monsieur Bones

    anyone have a save file for this? hello? can anybody share please…

  • Hafizan39 (Otaku)

    anyone have a save file for this